Battle + Batesee Return To Phasmophobia!

The Bois are back at it again… again!
We really enjoyed Phasmophobia before, so we are back at it! Also we are upping the difficulty, by playing on intermediate and professional mode, with an extra house… with barely any experience, what could go wrong?
Also in 4K, enjoy a non crunchy dark video!
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Time Stamps
Intro: 00:00
House 1: 00:47
House 2: 08:20
House 3: 15:36
House 4: 26:26


25 thoughts on “Battle + Batesee Return To Phasmophobia!”

  1. This was such a surprise but a welcome one! 🙂 It's great seeing you guys having fun and be well! (Except for when Battleforge died haha). I didn't really knew until the last upload what the game was really about, however I believe it's an advantage, it really helped me immerse in the situation!

    Thank you for your hard work, both of you c:

  2. Good to see you again, Bat'le. Sorry to hear about the queen. Such a sweetheart she was. Hope you're doing well, because life has been a bit topsy turvy for me lately and I haven't been able to keep up with my favorite channels as much anymore.

    Toodles ✌️


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