Darte Hai Kyaaa! Phasmophobia with LeendSquad

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20 thoughts on “Darte Hai Kyaaa! Phasmophobia with LeendSquad”

  1. Viper chacha bahut badhiya choice of game. Bas aap thodi game basics seekh lo.
    1. Jab bhi hunt ho toh aap apni inventory ke sare electronic equipments band kiya Karo. Usse ghost aapko detect nhi kar payega. Aap bach jaoge.
    2. Cursed possessions are every much ways to find the ghost room and best of them are tarot cards. Haunted mirror se ghost room dikhai deta hai.
    Quija board mein questions puch sakta hai par it costs you sanity. Haunted mirror and quija board ki cost sanity hoti hai. User ki Sanity 0 ho jae toh woh dono toot jate hai aur hunt shuru ho jata hai.
    Baaki bhai aapko game khel ke pata chal he jayega.
    All the best for the ghost hunting experience.

  2. 1:35:27 😂😂….. VipeR pls continue these phasmophobia streams …. Way too entertaining …. And please make some highlights of the first day and this day as well … There were plenty of hilarious and scary incidents throughout both the streams …


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