EATING THE GHOSTS | Phasmophobia

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39 thoughts on “EATING THE GHOSTS | Phasmophobia”

  1. Hai broham 😀 💚 Take care man! I know, eating habits are hard to change yknow.. I'm a sugar junkie. hugs man! That scream made me so mad! XD Not even Cannabis? I've had good bad and crazy experiences with it. Now I don't smoke it any more, I use 10mg THC candies and Phoenix Tears. wooo feels gooood! 😉 Respect bro.

  2. Humble–respect that. The only thing that is inevitable is change. You go with it or life goes on regardless. Thank you for today and what you produce for everyone Everytime you create content.

  3. Wouldn't it t be cool if the ghosts could interact with the players more directly? And like, each type of ghost had a different set of abilities they could use to interact with you? Also some of them would have the same or similar abilities just to confuse people. And of course the Mime could have anyone's abilities.

  4. Hey Wade, I know of a shop near my place with even more bizarre soda flavors (some really really good, some really weird or gross). If I can send you a variety box of fun sodas to try, would you and the guys be up for another "Weird Sodas Challenge?"
    lol I promise, no bacon sodas, no pickle soda, and no mustard soda will be in it.

  5. WADEYYYYYYYYY! Thank you for existing!!! I have been stuck in serious assignment work and shit… I always play distractible and work while listening to your amazing jokes <3 you don't know, but you are sanity pill for lots of us!

    Keep rocking my dude!

  6. Aldi sells $2 chocolate bars split up into 0.88oz chunks. Might be a good idea for portion control. I recommend the orange almond bar. As far as diet struggles go, I get it. I don't eat fast food often at all but my go-to snacks are potatoes or breads/pastries. I love my starch and the starch loves my hips 🤣

    You guys could always do cooking streams. The uh.. positive reinforcement from the community as you guys cook your way to better health might just be the game changer you need. I feel a lot better since I let the fast food go my dude, we are about the same age. I'm just 1yr younger than you.

  7. It's a bit weird seeing the old version of phasmo these days since it's been updated for a long time now. It's cool if you don't want to update though but there's a lot of features you're missing out on.

  8. Wade.. you are great! I love listening to you on distractible, here, I go back to the three of you playing uno.. I am a huge fan.💜🖤💜🖤

  9. People really don't understand how scary it can be coming from what seems to be a family bred to trend towards drug/alcohol abuse.
    People need to stop trying to force others to do things just because they enjoy it.


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