Flashlights are for Noobs in Phasmophobia

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Featuring: Leo Kade

Low dopamine levels are bad and this is all about not that!

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15 thoughts on “Flashlights are for Noobs in Phasmophobia”

  1. Little late catching this one but I'm here! Great content as always, and the longer video is such a treat!

    Amused that you apparently have never seen or experienced a green onion before xD Just go down to the produce department of your local grocery store and ask for a green onion. It's basically just a baby onion, you typically only eat the stalks as opposed to the "onion" part of the onion, but it's also edible. Adds very concentrated onion flavor to things when cooking without needing a lot of prep.

  2. The video reminded me of my first round of phasmophobia. I thought the ghost locked me up in the ghost room
    and won't let me out. I went crazy. It took sooooooooo long for the ghost to kill me. You really need more views. Your videos are so funny and entertaining.

  3. Little tip for you (as a candle holder):
    You can place the candle down on the ground and stay near it, it will still prevent you (and anyone else near it) from losing sanity while you get your hand free to use another item. Items like the spiritbox still work while you stay in candle light.
    In case someone wants to see DOTS or look for orbs, you can throw the candle on the ground to force the candle to go out.


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