Just a Very Wacky Game of Phasmophobia

The best ghost photo I’ve gotten so far

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11 thoughts on “Just a Very Wacky Game of Phasmophobia”

  1. What

    That thumbnail is almost identical to a ghost photo I took last time I played, same ghost model, same place, same angle, even crawling too

    Only difference is that, in mine, only the ghost's feet could be seen (still counted tho hehe)

  2. Oh, and uhm, about the fact that your flashlight and photo cam both didn't glitch during that ghost photo, is because the moment you stepped on the stairs, the game started to consider that you were on the first floor, and the ghost was on the second, hence the reason why it didn't glitch

    Ghosts can't cause equipment to glitch on a different floor than the one it is at

  3. Small optimization: you shouldn't have taken 8 pictures of feet, you're only at 480 points, you needed the bone or two fingerprints. Also it flashed too quick during the hunt to be phantom. But I wouldn't have guess myling, didn't notice the footstep sound difference at all

  4. Currently there's a bug with photos, if you play with someone, others will get the glitched photo. And the phantom too buggy, if you take picture of the ghost, it get the glitch effect and the ghost model stays there.

  5. I'm the same with names. Whenever I play Ghost Exile with my brother, I keep asking him the name of the ghost (because you need the name of the ghost for the exorcism part, and it's not listed in the journal), everytime the ritual asks to say the name. 🤣


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