Welcome back to Phasmophobia! In this video we bring back the GHOST GAMBLING challenge and the impossible happens. I won鈥檛 spoil anything more. Just watch and get ready to scream.

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NOTE: This video was recorded on Phasmophobia update v0.6.3.1


41 thoughts on “THE IMPOSSIBLE HAPPENED – Phasmophobia”

  1. I was a 1 a believer then I took his advice and used my brain I switched my vote and that was the the biggest mistake but I still had a lot of fun cant wait for another phasmo gambling challenge in never switching again I'll go for broke next time .

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  3. dunno if this is a compliment or not but, i honestly find Insym to be an amazing background noise. you know?
    like.. i do watch his videos when they're around 20 to 35minutes. but when its a long one (40+ to 3h~)
    i do love having his vids in the background while i'm playing other games.
    he's just so full of energy, interesting and fun to listen to.

  4. That one window knock near the end didnt actually leave fingerprints. There was a second knock that made it appear. Then there were also a few doors that were touched more than once during the hunt.

    If you look back on the Obake round, there were 2 instances where something was touched, but no new fingerprints appeared. One door and one window. Every single hunt, the doors that were touched were touched when the ghost passed it twice.

    I think the only thing I would change about Obake(or ghosts in general) is to have a cooldown on touching the same door or window more than once if a player hasnt touched it.

    Altho, I think the other way of testing for Obake was to start counting how long a fingerprint would last, since they normally last 2 minutes, if any print disappeared within less than 2 minutes, it would be instantly Obake.

  5. 22 to 1 payout LOL lurked on this one and i loved it, i didnt get a chance to see his face at the time as i was only listening, but to see that pog face on insym was priceless!

  6. Am I the only one who kinda wants to see that update hit when Insym gets to 9,995-ish…? Can you imagine his lvl. reset hitting right before hitting the 10k mark? That rage would be prime content….


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