The Most Responsive Ghost Ever – Phasmophobia [LVL 5758]

Welcome back to Phasmophobia! In this video I find the most responsive ghost I’ve seen in a long time. It gave me a few ghost events on command until it was tired of me and went full tryhard mode. This was a really fun game and I hope you enjoy! Much love and see you during the streams 😀

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NOTE: This video was recorded on Phasmophobia update v0.3.1.0


34 thoughts on “The Most Responsive Ghost Ever – Phasmophobia [LVL 5758]”

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  2. Mathemathically speaking
    Regular ghosts can hunt at 50%
    Yokai at any sanity due to noises
    Demons at 70%
    Mare 60% or 40% depending on ghost room light
    Banshee at any time if it target is in the house otherwise 50%

  3. We can hack if we want to, So we can leave those cams behind
    'Cause your cams don't hack, And if they don't hack
    Well, then they're no cams of mine.

    Say, we can see what we want to, From a place the ghost will never find
    And we can see if those orbs are there, and if they are there
    Then we can leave the EMF behind.

  4. Have you noticed that ghost events have been bugging out recently? Played a bunch of games tonight, had the ghost spawn but not give any EMF reading or give us the EMF 4 reading, despite taking a photo of the ghost.


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