The One Thing in Phasmophobia I CANNOT Do (Even After 2000 Hours)

Welcome back to Phasmophobia! In this video we do the one thing in Phasmophobia that I CANNOT DO! And that is identifying ghosts at 150% speed. This is something I haven’t done enough to learn properly. So today we are starting that! I will try this again soon (maybe on big maps even). ENJOY!

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NOTE: This video was recorded on Phasmophobia update v0.8.1


33 thoughts on “The One Thing in Phasmophobia I CANNOT Do (Even After 2000 Hours)”

  1. It'd be cool if you had a higher chance to trap a mare or onryo/reduce the chance of roaming to leave a candle right outside the door or have the adjacent room light on

  2. If you listen to the last hunt of the Raiju that you thought was a thaye compared to the hunt before it you can tell that the ghost was never actually fast during the last hunt. The motion sensor did not affect the speed of it. The farmhouses ghost footsteps make a double step noise and can make you think the ghost is much faster than it really is.

  3. I am so glad i came across your videos. I started playing about a week ago, had no idea what i was doing and hardly ever got the ghost right and now i'm a lot more confident and spend a lot more time investigating the ghosts even after i know what they are to learn more about them. I'm even able to help my friends who haven't played a lot either. Thank you so much for the content you make, you're awesome!

  4. Hmmm my issue is I forget things or like I'm super confused cuz I had wraith the other week for the weekly challenge who was incredibly fearless of salt. It ignored it and walked right in it

  5. I need to share with you guys my most recent happiness

    You see, I have a very weak PC (only 4GB RAM, which is below minimum to run Phasmo, so the fact that it ran is a miracle)

    For every update, the game ran progressively worse, up to the point where, after the Monkey Paw update, the game wouldn't launch anymore (I have it on an SSD, and previously the game would take about 15 to 20 seconds to launch, now it would just crash and never launch, not even my cursor would move)

    That is until yesterday, I decided to start the game and wait it out. And then… "Welcome back. I got some jobs ready for you." It actually felt like the game was welcoming me back. Almost 15 minutes of waiting later, the game actually started, and after missing this game for months, I was able to play again. It felt like a hug from a long lost friend, I missed this game so much! I played a single solo game on Tanglewood (it was really late), ghost was all over the house but had freezing on the nursery, which got me thinking of Twins. I got Spirit Box right after, further reinforcing my suspicion, so I just marked Twins and went on to do the secondary objectives.

    But, while I was doing them, I heard the faint sound of Ghost Writing in the distance (it was a Professional run, all three evidences enabled). I had one of those moments that make this game so great, and I almost freaked out with the realization: "IT'S A MOROI, DUDE, I'M CURSED"

    I love this game so much

  6. you should do a run where you cant use items to find the ghost no smudge timing, no taking pics for phantom no salt for wraith you need to find the ghost based off interactions and movement only (this may be impossible tho so idk)

  7. On Willow Street… if you get a basement ghost in one of 2 rooms, place 1 candle and crucifix in hallway, one candle and crusifix in the ghost room and if ghost roams to other room check with turning the lights up in that room to check if it was a coincidence… (My thoughts)

  8. Insym I love watching your videos in bed before I go to sleep, they are perfect for being interesting but chill at the same time. Though I do wish you would upload long videos like this more regularly.

  9. You may not see this nor care to see this but the Raiju hunt for case 1499 Had line of sight on you when downstairs, and it slowed down slightly when out of range of Motion sensor but was speeding up from Your flashlight you kept turning on and off, plus the line of sight. Just an innocent bamboozle. For Raiju testing, I hide but have all the equipment on for the 150% cause it's easier to tell when it speeds up than if it's normal speed tbh.

  10. I remember seeing someone in your chat say that a normal speed ghost at 150% speed sounds similar to the beat of "American Idiot" by Green Day. I've found this to be extremely helpful and accurate. Also a good song.

  11. Is it not easier to train the 150% speed with all the Evidences?

    If you know, with which Ghost your dealing with, you can more concentrate to the Movement and the behave of the Ghost

  12. On Bleadale and Grafton footsteps sound different. The faster twin will switch to running sound while speeding up, only Moroi, Hantu, Raichu, Thaye may start with running sound. In case of 150% ghost, you have to observe the ghost in odrer to sort out fast from normal, since 115% speed sounds like running anyway.


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