This Ghost is CRAZY vs SOLO Players – Phasmophobia [LVL 4400]

In this video I encounter a crazy ghost during a Phasmophobia No Evidence Challenge. This ghost was a perfect example of a super active crazy ghost type. It was a pretty tough challenge but the activity of this ghost was a dead giveaway for a certain ghost type that I won’t spoil 😉 I hope you enjoy, much love and see you during the streams! 😀

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NOTE: This video was recorded on Phasmophobia update v0.28.6.5


26 thoughts on “This Ghost is CRAZY vs SOLO Players – Phasmophobia [LVL 4400]”

  1. I had a slow rev the other day, started hunting away from the ghost room, walked past me and Berliner for my friend. Thinking it was a banshee I went back up to follow it around. It only caught up to me because I got stuck on stairs but it didn’t seem fast.


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