TWO GHOSTS ON ONE MAP?!?! (MAYBE) – Phasmophobia Teaser

Welcome back to Phasmophobia! This new ghost looks like it’s going to be absolutely crazy. We think that it will mimic other ghosts and potentially even be TWO GHOSTS in one. That sounds amazing and I really hope it turns out to be true! These are all theories and I would love to know what you think! Much love and see you during the streams 😀

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21 thoughts on “TWO GHOSTS ON ONE MAP?!?! (MAYBE) – Phasmophobia Teaser”

  1. I am beyond excited. A ghost mimicking other ghosts sounds AMAZING. And the Twins theory is even crazier, imagine two crawling ghosts coming at you at revenant speed, that sounds absolutely nuts lmao. Maybe we'll be completely wrong and none of this comes true, but if even a small bit of this is true then it's SUPER EXCITING! Let me know what you think. See you during stream in an hour <3

  2. I have not watched the video yet so I apologize if this was in it, but didn’t CJ say that “a new ghost type is being added that’s unlike all the other ghosts. As in, it’s not a type of ghost”. He said something along those lines. “The twins” is not a type of ghost, but rather just a unique name

    Edit: I have now watched the video. You did mention it. It seems that this theory has a lot of merit to it

  3. I wish a ghost could posses a survivors body they killed and act like a survivor and talks through the radio using audio it records from the using the radio. But it'd be able to come outside and do things, but it would have some sort of weakness that makes it leave the dead body.

  4. "The Twins have been reported to mimic each other's actions."
    "Weakness: The Twins will often interact with the environment at the same time."
    Others have said these separately, but I didn't see them mentioned in the same comment. There are four dark areas of the weakness, and "at the same time" fits perfectly with the spacing.

  5. I just hope it doesnt roam. This potentially makes investigating harder of youre having to track two ghosts. Possible bad leads, dead ends; and my worst fear, Entrapment while hunting. The ghost already has so much of an upper-hand in hunts, making it so two ghosts could hunt you or your party might lead to you getting cornered, or half of your team getting wiped. Im worried if this theory is true. Cool, but the implications could be disastrous or bullshit. Not to mention, its possible that one could be giving off evidence, while the other isnt. Meaning you could be searching forever for evidence when or if the ghosts are apart; making evidence collection possibly more stingy.

    Not only that, but, how would names work? Obviously the board can't have two, that'll give it away.

    Lastly, I don't want a mimic ghost. In my eyes, what makes phas so fun is that every ghost is mostly unique or has fun quirks. A mimic wouldn't have that. It would be interesting sure, but there's nothing unique if it's already been done.

  6. I think it would make a little more sense if it was like conjoined twins? Therefor it would kind of be like two ghosts in one. The ghosts could have more interactions and more/less abilities. The conjoined twins part would be a little easier on hunters since it wouldn’t be two ghosts coming at you all at once

  7. Tbh, if they don't wanna do any new content, then make all the houses broken like highschool/ asylum…my biggest issue with phasmo is the houses are boring, what kinda ghost living a well maintained house, make them abandoned and broken and it will be the creepiest game ever.

  8. Wouldn't it be too easy to identify the ghost when it hunts by seeing two of them coming at you?
    People have often wanted two ghosts on one map. What if one of the new ghosts was one that could appear alongside any other ghost, and imitate the actions of that specific ghost, in other parts of the house to throw you off. But the catch is that this new ghost, isn't the one you need to win the game or complete challenges.
    It having different evidence could be a way to throw someone off track and make ruling out a ghost harder and trickier. You get EMF 5 because of this ghost, but the actual ghost you need to identify doesn't have EMF as evidence. Like a trickster ghost.

    …. Buuuuuut then again, this might be too complicated to incorporate and too hard for lower difficulty levels 😅

  9. Remember when you brought up the topic about multiple ghosts on the same map with cj. he didnt say it wont happen, but what he did say is that it would have to be TWO OF THE SAME KIND of ghosts. So maybe he gave a hint there without us knowing it?


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