When Noobs Play Phasmophobia

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Featuring: Leo Kade

Low dopamine levels are bad and this is all about not that!



24 thoughts on “When Noobs Play Phasmophobia”

  1. Played for the first time the other night, my issues – there's still light even when your flashlight is 'off' so kept clicking it during a hunt XD , couldn't figure out how to put a candle down so just kept throwing it.. lol, yes front door… , and hitting f instead of e (or vice versa) more times than I could count when I was trying to pick things up lol, I couldn't tell if my questions were going through when using spirit box , the people I played with are much more experienced and we also tried a game or two of nightmare and I don't think I took sanity pills even once >.> XD

  2. Dude.. 2 days ago i posted about 11.5k subs smashing your 1k target… 2 days later its 15.4k. This is amazing (actually quite literally insane) and well deserved. I guess many other people are busy binging these amazing videos too 😀 I know it's rude to talk these talks of numbers but 4k in 2 days is too amazing to not mention, gotta give credit where it's due 🙂

  3. Damn, I laughed hard through the whole video, really fun to watch. This is exactly what was happening when me, my gf and our friend had our first couple of games recently.


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