When You're Too Pro in Phasmophobia

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Featuring: Leo Kade

Low dopamine levels are bad and this is all about not that!

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48 thoughts on “When You're Too Pro in Phasmophobia”

  1. Playing with these kinds of people is what killed Phas for me. “Oh! This is all the new updates!” “Oh! This is precisely how the ghost acts now!” “Oh! If you stand here and turn right the ghost can’t touch you!”
    Thanks. You ruined a horror game by making it predictable and exploitable. Great friggen job.

  2. Full pro Mode 🤣"he knows the wiki back to front" oh boy that line got me laughing for minutes, I used to do that with SCP game and i feel like i got called out 🤣🤣🤣

  3. My friends always joke that I'm gonna walk in and smell what the ghost is, glad I'm not the only one getting called out for playing too much Phasmo haha 😅


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