Levelling up FAST to get Level 10.000 BEFORE THE NEW UPDATE – Phasmophobia

Welcome back to Phasmophobia! In this video we POWERLEVEL to get to level 10000 before the update! It’s been a long journey to get here but it’s almost over! I hope you enjoy me going crazy to get levels fast! Much love and see you during the streams 😀

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NOTE: This video was recorded on Phasmophobia update v0.6.3.1


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  1. 10,000 I remember finding a hacker in the game when phasmo was still a few months old he made his level 10000. He also could control his walking speed so when a kid joined us we joked that the hacker was the dev and he gave only himself the ability to do a proper sprint. The kid didn't believe us until a Hunt and he saw the hacker just bolt ahead of us away from the demon and the kid just goes "YOU ASSHOLE GIVE ME SUPER SPEED TOO!" as his character model fast walks after him. I got killed because I was laughing so hard I couldn't get away from the demon

  2. The 10,000 dream is soon to be realized, and we all are so excited. I started thinking on the best ways that the ghosts can make it easier or harder for us to get experience, good photos, beaten objectives, or just finding out how easy it is to discover what specter you have. No better time to learn than now. (Fancanon lore and its a pretty long comment, read if you want.)

    Spirit: Long ago, he used to be reliable for cash when he had Fingerprints and Writing, then he wanted to challenge us to do better. Smudge him.
    Wraith: He used to be very reliable too when he had Fingerprints. Bad news is since he is stingy with evidence and can't use footsteps, he's tough.
    Phantom: Unusually the easiest ghost to figure out effortlessly. He will blink slowly, sometimes stalk you, and vanishes when you snap his mug.
    Poltergeist: It doesn't get better than this. If only he still had Fingies. He is so active that your book will be full of interactions within minutes.
    Banshee: It's debated if she can be super active, though it's documented that she gushes over certain hunters. They will see spikes of activity.
    Jinn: Handprints on doors in a cold room is how you can easily find him. If I were you, leave an Emf on the breaker so you know if he tries killing you.

    Mare: He recently acquired a taste for books and reading. However, he will still be hunt oriented when it comes to objectives, so lights off.
    Revenant: Long ago he used to have Fingerprints, then he got Orbs and Freezing instead. Possibly as payback for when you killed his lilies.
    Shade: Oh dear. Yeah, not every ghost works well with grinding for xp. He's so timid that you literally leave him alone to get him to do things.
    Demon: She recently realized that in order to be liked, she had to be worth finding at the risk of being killed, so she took Fingerprints as evidence.
    Yurei: A hoodlum with a baseball bat is hard to deal with, so why be with him? His intimidating door slam gives him away instantly is why.
    Oni: You'll love her: She's so active that getting objectives and photos is a breeze. Just make sure to keep your sanity up if she does events often.

    Yokai: It is not worth worsening her headache for a few dollars. Her evidence and activity are not suited for speedruns apart from hunts.
    Hantu: The cool friend of the ghosts can either be your best friend or worst nightmare. In my experience, he has always been quite friendly.
    Myling: With Writing and Fingerprints, he is perfect for getting photos and evidence simultaneously. Make sure you don't lose him in a hunt though.
    Goryo: Good luck getting him out of his room. At least his handprints will earn cash. If you want to win stand outside with a cam to get his DOTS.
    Onryo: If your plan involves candles, he will hate you for it. He isn't all that useful apart from candle blowing, and it's risky since he can insta-hunt.
    Twins: The brother and sister can affect things quite far away, resulting in unusual photos sometimes. They're confusing, but easy to figure out.

    Raiju: Please do not leave your equipment on near him. Though he is stoic, his power messes with his mind and can cut your hunt short quickly.
    Obake: His strategy of hiding his handprints backfires quite often. That isn't good. If you assume he isn't an Obake, you may miss certain photos.
    Mimic: His potent tricks often allow you to have active variants, but also inactive ones too. Fingerprints does not hurt either for getting cash.
    Moroi: Whatever you do, do not linger too long in his domain after conversing on the Spiritbox or his "Dead Eye" will have you dead in moments.
    Deogen: If you hear someone breathing hard on the Spiritbox, that's just Deogen out of breath and very irritated at you. "Why are you running!?"
    Thaye: Super early in the game she will be as active as Oni. That is the best time to get photos before she gets too aged and her aching bones hurt.

    If you have any ideas for a list of what the ghosts will do in certain situations, what they find fun, what they hate, or anything else, I will try my best to write them out. Also, sometimes I write ghost specific fanstories in specific videos. Hope ye enjoy.

  3. Apparently there's a game in EA right now until October 1st, it's called "Boo Men", and it's about stealing items from houses (different maps you can unlock), but you need to stay in the light, because you're susceptible to being attacked in the dark, and having lights on drains the power and could cause an outage, so you have to be careful. Also multiple monsters with different behaviors, so this definitely seemed right up your alley. Maybe you could check that one out!


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