Surviving Insanity Mode in Phasmophobia: Tips and Tricks

Baron offers valuable tips and tricks to confidently conquer Insanity Mode in Phasmophobia. This ultimate challenge can be overwhelming for beginners, but with Baron’s expert guidance, you can learn to survive. Packed with useful information for gamers of all levels, this video delivers proven strategies that will help you navigate the game’s challenges and emerge victorious. Baron emphasizes the importance of knowing where not to hide as well as where to hide, and provides incredible tips on identifying the ghost with just one piece of evidence. These insights can make all the difference when playing Insanity Mode.

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  1. Y'all, Baron is seriously the best. Who else is out here demonstrating top-tier strategies to not only identify the ghost but also trick it into eating your bestie while you look totally innocent. Cult leader is bae.


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