They Should Have Called This the Ouija Board Challenge – Phasmophobia Weekly Challenge #5

Welcome back to another weekly challenge in Phasmophobia! This time it is a no electronics challenge with a huge twist: It’s amateur mode and there is an ouija board. This was very interesting. ENJOY!

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NOTE: This video was recorded on Phasmophobia update v0.8.1


39 thoughts on “They Should Have Called This the Ouija Board Challenge – Phasmophobia Weekly Challenge #5”

  1. For those asking: You can see EMF 5 on the activity chart by looking for 4-5 spikes, those can only happen in two situations: 1. There was a ghost event. 2. There was EMF 5. So if you know there wasn't a ghost event it should be EMF 5! There is a small chance for a third option which is special abilities such as Twinteractions or poltergeist throws. So to be completely sure you should check the board multiple times for 4-5 spikes.

  2. Thank you Insym. I watched this video this morning and it gave me the motivation to do the challenge myself, it's the first challenge I've ever done successfully now. GG's would do again

  3. I tried this challenge before the video came out, the Ouija board made it SO Much easier! really cool to see challenges integrate uses of cursed items, maybe make a couple people learn a thing or two!

  4. Strangely enough me and my group of friends struggled with this challenge waaay more than the no evidence challenge week. I thought it would be easier but boy was I wrong. Got there eventually though! Had some tough breaks!

  5. i really enjoyed this challange, though i got super scared at one point when we got a deo. found out it was a deo cause it slowed down when it got to my hiding spot so i freaked out, jumped out of the closet, and walked slowly down the hall, fortunately the hunt ended quickly cause i was cornered D: >

  6. facepalms I did not notice the ouija board either. Or even the amateur mode setting for that matter (though that was probably because I had a crazy ghost who kept doing events, I was at zero sanity fast). Thank you, the last two rounds for this challenge will be much easier now.
    I really love these new challenges, it forces me to break the routine and think differently. The ghost I had for this completely refused to even try to hunt despite me having no sanity – and then I realized I had set up candles everywhere to compensate for the lack of lights and so I could check for Phantom etc. during a hunt. Poor Onryo had no chance to hunt.


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