VR-Man Ascends to Heaven – Phasmophobia [LVL 4960]

In this video VR-man ascends to heaven on Tanglewood. I have never seen a VR player do this before and it was absolutely hilarious. This was a really fun game overall and I hope you enjoy! Much love and see you during the streams 😀

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NOTE: This video was recorded on Phasmophobia update v0.29.6.2


39 thoughts on “VR-Man Ascends to Heaven – Phasmophobia [LVL 4960]”

  1. Damager @1:07 : "I'm going to Ghost McDonalds, do ya'll want anything?"

    Also, I raided Damager on Twitch the other day while he was playing Terraria. I had no idea your community played so many similar games to me. LOL.

  2. I was playing with some Vr dude and he ended up dying, glitching in the wall so hard he was sent flying into oblivion. Definitely one of my favorite games of phasmophobia.

  3. Hello. Please watch the game "They are here: alien abduction horror" on Steam. Its horror story about a journalist who witnessed an alien invasion at the Grayswood farm.

    Very creepy

  4. the content you post is cool and i pop by from time to time, or use your videos as backround noise while im working on my tank and jet so i have decided to subscribe and join your community


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