Apocalypse Gold Trophy Coaching | Ep. 1 with Antoooo | Phasmophobia

Hello friendos, let’s play some Phasmophobia. Today’s video is the first episode in our series of Apocalypse Gold Trophy Coaching. We help our friendo Antooo get her gold trophy. Enjoy!

If you’d like to be apart of one of these videos, get in touch with me in my discord: discord.gg/maggstor

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15 thoughts on “Apocalypse Gold Trophy Coaching | Ep. 1 with Antoooo | Phasmophobia”

  1. I so wanna do this but I get soooo scared still…. No one who knows me would believe that I get scared of a computer game….but somehow the Devs tapped into my inner fear 🙂 🙂 I joined the Discord at least 🙂 Baby steps mrfox, baby steps…. 🙂 I still play Amateur btw cos I get so scared. Love your videos Maggs.

  2. I normally don't comment on videos but you're one of the exceptions because honestly? your channel and content is GREAT. I generally can't sit through whole phasmo videos without getting bored but there's just something about yours that makes them entertaining to watch as in, i can sit up all night binging them and not regret a thing, your content is just that good. You deserve way more subs than you currently have!

  3. The fact that you could see the split second grandma model from the dark is insane!!!!! How many tries did it take to get this perfect game? Sometimes I feel bad failing so many times😅


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